Members of the Supply Chain Management Center

Members of the Supply Chain Management Center

June 2023


The Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC) was recently honored with a Gold Excellence Award by the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Office of Infrastructure.


NNSA’s national security missions depend on a modern, flexible, and resilient nuclear complex, and the Office of Infrastructure manages the growing infrastructure needs of the enterprise as existing facilities and buildings at Department of Energy (DOE) sites, plants, and labs continue to age over time. The NNSA Office of Infrastructure Excellence Awards program was established to recognize teams who performed beyond expectations to build coalitions to achieve mission success, lead change by anticipating challenges and creating new, scalable solutions, and deliver timely, meaningful results.


The SCMC is dedicated to providing supply chain solutions to the DOE. The program works with 25 different NNSA and DOE Environmental Management sites across the enterprise. The SCMC’s shared commodity agreements are a key attribute of the program, which can be used by all 25 sites, saving time and money at the local level.  


Over time, many SCMC partner sites have had a hard time getting construction-related firms to bid on projects. To meet this need, the SCMC launched a multi-year construction and infrastructure services support strategy, awarding more than $2.26 billion worth of shared commodity agreements related to architecture, engineering, and infrastructure services. These agreements provide valuable options for sites as they anticipate additional construction and facility management activities in future years, saving them the work of negotiating their own individual agreements for these services.


In a virtual award ceremony hosted in late May, Ken Sheely, NNSA’s Acting Associate Administrator for the Office of Infrastructure gave remarks as he announced the winners. “The Supply Chain Management Center’s efforts made it easier for sites across the enterprise to quickly find suppliers who are ready, willing, and able to complete the work needed to upgrade aging facilities,” Sheely said. “Your streamlined framework to immediately engage vendors saves time and money that would otherwise be spent negotiating site-level agreements.”