SCMC Strategic Tools

The Supply Chain Management Center uses a suite of electronic tools and services to support NNSA and DOE EM sites' operational and acquisition efficiencies, enhance cost savings efforts, and monitor supplier performance. These collaborative enterprise systems leverage state-of-the-art spend analytics throughout the procurement lifecycle. In addition, an enterprise-wide agreement search tool and shared supplier database help buyers identify multi-site opportunities and provide appropriate documentation. Core ePlatform offerings include spend analytics, eSourcing, and an eStore/eCatalog marketplace.   



  • A secure web hosted supplier/buyer marketplace
  • Easy to use bidding platform
  • Provides immediate feedback on the competitiveness of bids
  • Allows participants to update their bids based on feedback
  • Opportunity to submit multiple bids during an event
  • Sellers know where their bid stands at the completion of an event
  • Exposes suppliers to DOE, NNSA and EM contractors



  • eAuctions - Real time bidding event in which sellers receive feedback in the form of bid rank and allowing multiple bids over a short timeframe.
  • Sealed Bid by Rank - Real time bidding event in which sellers receive feedback in the form of bid rank and allows multiple bids over a longer timeframe.
    • Sealed Bid - Sellers may choose to change their bid during the course of an event but they do not receive rank feedback.



  • A secure web hosted on-line marketplace with electronic catalogs
  • Provides a Business to Business (B2B) shopping solution with consumer-like shopping experience
  • Supports enterprise-wide strategic sourcing and leveraging NNSA’s spend on common commodities


Supports two types of catalogs:

  • Punch-out / supplier direct catalog
  • Excel formatted catalog (also known as a "Static" or "Local" catalog


Best practices for producing effective catalogs:

  • Catalog contains manufacturer's part number, name and lead time
  • Includes an item picture (or link to picture)
  • Includes robust descriptions of products or services
  • Seller's customer service contact on catalog landing page
  • Live chat available
  • Cart checkout button easily identified
  • Easily identifiable unit of measure and minimum quantities